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February 22, 2006


Thomas Yung

Take a look at the URL re: a related story about "too much" of everything in our lives.


Bob Rouillard

Too much of what we don't need too little of what we do: spare time unincumbered and creative.

Anna Haynes

> "The world is now producing more facts than journalists can process"

likewise for bloggers, particularly the individual blogger. It's hard to cover the world on one post per day.

It's akin to the local newspaper's dilemma -

1) only print local news on the front page?
2) make front page a reflection of all the news' relative importance to the (local) reader?
3) make it a reflection of all _known information_'s relative importance to the reader (thus giving full import to 'news that oozes')

By the choice you make, you serve the reader in one dimension, but you under-perform in the others.
(Maybe a paper could provide all 3 kinds of info online at least, with one such 'focus' per page? actually, so could a blogger...maybe with a monthly "top 100 problems facing the world/country/province/community, in my view" post)

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