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March 20, 2005



Hit the nail on the head of what is wrong with todays media. He is able to diagnosis a very important factor in why there is a decline in media readership and distrust of what is reported.

The world as a whole is voyeuristic and the media feeds the void to have readers. Example is when some legitimate news papers changed into the rumor and scandle sheets that are ever present at supermarket checkout stands.

I don't say that the blogs get it right all the time, but they do offer an opportunity to check out the facts. Reading the blogs is still like reading a newspaper, you still have to read between the lines to find out where they are coming from and filter out the ones that are garbage.


I remember reading an article about this in the early '80s, with respect to massacres in Central America and how agonizing it was for the journalists there that the "fair and balanced" conventions prevented them from
reporting was really going on.

There ought to be a "fewer readers left behind" initiative, whereby readers of news outlets would be tested on their understanding, and "failing" news providers would be exposed as such.

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