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April 19, 2005


Jay Furst

Can't agree more, Doug. I think the op-ed piece in one of the metro papers (have to go back to research which one...) comparing her to Joe McCarthy is right on. She's entitled to say what she wants and make a fortune exploiting hate speech and unattractively short skirts, but we in the media and the public at large are just as free to say she's a nut, not worth the time or trouble to tune in on TV or host on campus.


Actually, Jay, I think it was Coulter herself who brought up McCarthy in her speech. Apparently, she admires certain aspects of the man.

Not a Coulter fan myself, but let's get something correct here: it wasn't the university that invited her, she was invited to the campus by "College Republicans, Young America's Foundation, and the school's conservative newspaper, The St. Thomas Standard." She was basically brought in to preach to the choir, and some non-choir folks showed up to heckle her, and from what I've read, they brought in more hate-filled invective than Coulter brought to the table.

I'm curious what your take is on the likes of, say, University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, who regularly spews some of the most hateful garbage from the Left, and he's not invited to the university to speak as a one time deal: he's there as a matter of salary.

Or, perhaps you could opine on the likes of Michael Moore, who is now offering two $2,500 to students of Cal State San Marcos, as a form of protest after having been un-invited to speak there.

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