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November 01, 2005


James Lynch

So who is this guy - why hasn't he signed his piece? He makes great points but loses all credibility by remaining anonymous. It's not exactly what I would call "full disclosure."

David Ehrenstein

The upper middle-class white woman skates.

Doug McGill

Hi Jim, the guy who wrote the piece is me, the only guy who posts to this blog, and self-explained at length in the top right link: "What is this site all about?" I'll add my name to the bottom of the piece anyway if others are confused. Thanks, Doug

Bob Higgins

Hey, James Lynch: It's a blog, a personal web log, written by the guy who owns the site and who offers a bio if you take a few seconds to find it.

The only one who has lost credibility here is you.

Dan Cullen

Pardon my ignorance but who decides the fate of Mr. Sulzberger? Is it a board of directors or a CEO? NYT obviously needs new direction and vision before it loses such priceless assets as Dowd or Krugman. Or, should they resign in protest?


Here! Here!

Truth is the First Casualty of War


The Proof Is In The Memos


David Royce

It's clear that Judity Miller must have some dirt on Sulzberger and the Times. There is no other logic why they would still keep her around and not even discipline her.

Can anybody think of another explanation. Anybody else would be gone.


When public and/or logical explanations don't ring true enough, it's time to look at the private/personal.

Dame Judy has been at the Times an awfully long time, particularly if she really is the ditz that she seems to be.

Oh my! Could it be? (only half-joking here)

Could Judy be young Arthur's real mother???

Enquiring minds want to know.



Uh oh. Wake up Maggie.

I really was joking above, but what do we now learn from Seth Mnookin:


>>Elsewhere, Mnookin pulls no punches in stating that over the years Miller "had built a reputation for sleeping with her sources," had dated one of Sulzberger's best friends, Steve Ratner, "and had even, for a time, shared a vacation home with Sulzberger," whatever that means.<<


I need a drink. (Here's to you Mrs. Robinson. Gulp.)


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