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February 14, 2008



Thanks for the excellent piece, Doug. I think it will take some time before "journalism" faces the biases ingrained in its reporting. It's hardwired into the process, baked into the cake, to borrow a phrase, isn't it?

Much of the solution I think is what folks like you and Glenn Greenwald at Salon are doing - educating, raising awareness, exposing bias/errors.

My experience has taught me that part of the problem lies within the faculties of journalism at the universities. Many of the so-called profs I've encountered either don't know anything about what Socrates called "the unexamined life" or if they do have a hunch want nothing to do with it.

Leon Rappoport

Excellent piece; your thesis is affirmed by the Australian scholar Gunther Kress in his book (about 20 years ago) called "Language as Ideology."

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