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February 20, 2008


David G

This is an idea (Buddhist philosophy and journalism) I've kicked around myself for a few years, though I doubt I could have done a better job of articulating it at this point. Mindfulness at any level of journalistic practice is definitely beneficial to all, whether it be from a journalist's or reader's standpoint.

And what about the Buddhist philosophy of cause and effect as it applies to journalists, news stories, and readers?

This blog is an enlightened perspective to further the cause for better journalism. Unfortunately, being in a predominantly Western-based religious culture, "Local Man" may find himself sentenced to death in the electric pew. If that is the case, maybe the man and his ideas could find the same sense of peace and satisfaction that Camus' death row protagonist in "The Stranger" felt in the days before execution.

We need a new consciousness and enlightenment in journalism. Let it start within and extend outward to audiences it serves.

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